Automatic Delivery Program

Maine Heating Solutions provides an Automatic Delivery Program that will provide premium value at a no additional cost.  This program entails several aspects that help maintain fuel levels efficiently white providing Priority Delivery and Service.

  • Customer will be on automatic delivery for fuel.
  • Discounts may be available for service or parts including replacement or new equipment.
  • Fuel is delivered on an estimate usage and rotational basis
  • There are no additional fees or cost associated with Automatic Delivery
  • There is no commitment with Automatic Delivery.
  • Priority Delivery and Service
  • A Guarantee that we will maintain your fuel levels so you don’t have too worry.  (account must be in good standings)
  • Flexible payment Terms
  • $.02 per gallon Discount for Veterans and Senior Citizens.

Joining this program is not only beneficial but, easy as well. A quick phone call or email and we will schedule a convenient time to further discuss the program.


This program is not in addition to any other discounts or promotions that are available. If other discounts and promotions are available we will honor whichever program saves you the most money at the time of service.