Terms and Conditions

  • This is a payment portal that allows you to process a payment for a delivery or service invoice. Please note that all service and delivery invoices are priced based on your previous payment history. If you have not paid with a credit card in the past, then your invoice is priced with a check discount. Any discount that may have been applied for check payment will be removed and posted to your account if you pay using a credit card. By clicking accept, you agree to pay the difference in price. Please call or email us should you have any questions.
  • At Maine Heating Solutions we take our work very seriously. If you are not satisfied with our work we will gladly discuss it with you and attempt a fair and just resolve for both parties.
  • All sales are final.
  • Any refunds must be approved by management. All refunds are subject to a $45 fee.
  • We are not responsible for damages as a result of interruption of service based on equipment failure or lack of product delivery.
  • Prompt payment must be made at the time of service unless otherwise pre approved.
  • There will be a $95 fee for all returned checks. If for delivery, .30 will be added to the price per gallon, on service we will add 35% to the total balance . If we need to involve law enforcement for theft of services we will charge another $125 for our time and efforts of collection.
  • A 25% charge can be assessed on all balances that are over 10 days.
  • We make every attempt to hold prices at the day fuel is ordered. When prices change drastically we have no way to control those increases. Pricing for any order is subject to the price on the day of delivery. In most cases with some give and take on the part of the company and customer, we can come to resolve that fair and honest.
  • We will take all steps necessary to collect on past due or bad debt payments. This includes charging the credit card on file. Any fee’s associated with charging the card, over due balance, or rejected payments will be applied.
  • Our advertised pricing is for 150.0 gallons or more paid with Cash, Check, or Electronic Check on our website. Pricing reflects payment due at time of service or within 2 days. Payments made in 2-5 days will add .10 to the price per gallon, 5-10 days will add .20 to the price per gallon. Payments outside of 10 days will add .30 to the price per gallon, on service we will add 35% to the total balance, plus a $45 collection fee. If we need to use law enforcement for collection we will charge an added $125 to the bill for our time and effort. If a Credit Card is charged that all applicable fee’s will be assessed.
  • Any fee’s for delivery charges, bleed burner, or post dated checks are not negotiable. Bleed burner charge is based on time spent on site, not for the final product of bleeding the burner. If time is spent on site but unsuccessful to get the burner running, the charges still apply as the time spent attempting that service was completed.
  • Any deliveries that are attempted but not successful based on conditions outside the control of Maine Heating Solutions are subject to delivery charges. These conditions include but are not limited to: driveways that are not safe to navigate, unplowed driveways, fill pipes that are not accessible due to snow or other obstacles, or any other conditions that limit our ability to provide delivery of products.
  • We are not responsible for deliveries made to incorrect fill pipes on properties that have multiple fills and or tanks. All fill pipes must clearly marked with the CUSTOMER NAME and UNIT NUMBER if applicable. Deliveries will not be refunded if the pipe is not clearly marked at time of delivery. Customer is financially responsible for the fuel that is delivered coinciding with the order that was placed.
  • If fuel delivery is ordered and you receive a delivery from another company and do not cancel with us, you will be charged a fee if we come on site to deliver and find a full tank.


At anytime during the order process if you have questions please call Jared at 207-713-5700 or email at jared@maineheatingsolutions.com

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We do not accept American Express.

If paying with a check or electronic check we will require a valid credit card on file as a backup only to your check payment. You will be directed to that secure link in your confirmation email. You can also find it on the home page under “credit card authorization for payment”.

If you have put a card on file in the past, we will verify what we have on file and let you know if there are any issues

If you are filling your tank and paying with a credit card or e-check then that will be done after the delivery is completed. In some cases, we charge a card upfront in a guesstimate amount and then adjust after the delivery is completed. If leaving a paper check, we can fill in the correct amount for you.

If ordering a specific amount then you can leave a check filled out, complete e-check on order form, complete credit card payment on order form.

Please be sure to provide a good description of your home and fill pipe location. We use “GPS” to find you so if you property does not come up on “GPS” please make sure to let us know.

We will contact you as soon as possible with scheduling of your delivery. We do deliver well after 5:00pm most days. If you have been informed of your delivery day you can expect us unless you hear otherwise. Please make sure your payment is left in place unless you hear from us.